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*STAMPED*Summer Camp photos*

Hey everyone! I missed you all so much. Ohio/Michigan was alot of fun and camp was amazing. I'm sad to say I'm leaving again until Sunday. I get to visit my grandparents in South Carolina. Oh joy. But for now, I leave you with

Lookin' mighty spiffy in Adam's cowboy hat.

Chillen at the beach with a cutie named Corey.

Makin' sure they're still there. <3 to Ben. 

Aaron is the next A&F model. Hott...

Not even Nurse Betty can top that. Jacob is awesome.

Adam is one hot mama.

Brad's too cool for his own self!

Tarry tries to help Patrick feel better

April and Roxy perform a duet. Wonderful.

Michelle is beautiful

We're not scared of Roxy's bat. We're not scared of Tiffany's air soft gun. We're afraid of the glove!!

Cody was a cutie too.

Jared and Jacob are my ghetto fabulas gangstas.

Yes... Kyle IS cool.

Zach is my lil Junior High pimp.

That's me and my son Micheal. I love that kid.

I hope you all enjoyed my photos. I'll *hopefully* have more to share with you all Sunday night or Monday.


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